Comet at Little Nuggets Rescue
on Atlanta 11 Alive News

Submitted by Eve Chen, Web Producer
Comet the terrier can keep up with just about any pup, even though he only has three legs. He doesn't need help running or jumping, but he does need help covering the costs of surgery.

He was hit by a car in December and arrived at Little Nuggets Rescue in Snellville with a broken leg.

The rescue shelter's founder Lynne Shriber said right away, her veterinarian told her Comet needed an amputation, but the shelter didn't have the money.
Shriber said her vet went ahead with the surgery anyway and told her she could pay him back when the money came in. Comet just had his stitches removed last week.

Even without physical therapy, it hasn't taken long for him to adjust to losing his front right leg. Shriber said Comet fell over a few times while going to the bathroom but quickly learned to go potty like a lady. He still bounds around like he has all four legs.

It's taken longer for the donations to come in to cover Comet's surgery.

Little Nuggets is also looking for a permanent home for him and dozens of other dogs.